May Update

May Update
Don't drink the water!

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Hello everyone, this is your May update.

As I mentioned in my last update, I've been attending Draw Me Draw You to up my life drawing skills. Here are some choice sketches I inked after the fact:

I have also been postering here in the mean streets of NYC to get the word out about Orange Flavor... and to get some street art out there. Take a look:

I'm happy to report that people have been peeling the illustration off walls to keep for themselves while leaving up the ad... what an honor! I guess I should do more street art.

Lastly, I've been interviewing other cartoonists and Illustrators for my podcast/live stream/YouTube channel Extremely Live. Here are two you should check out:

Building to Your Big Break with Brian Lutz

Appreciating R. Crumb with Little Cozy Nostril

That's all for this update.

Until next time, I appreciate your support!

— Micah