Cover Illustration Reveal + BONUS Phone Wallpaper!?

Cover Illustration Reveal + BONUS Phone Wallpaper!?
New York City, 20XX

Wow! It's finally here, the big reveal of the Orange Flavor cover illustration! Feast your eyes on this...

Orange Flavor #1 Cover Illustration

Ain't she a beaut!? This will sit right in the middle of the front cover, surrounded on all sides by tons of other images and text (sort of like how Shonen Jump does it)... but that's a reveal for another day!

Thanks for checking out the cover illustration; SUBSCRIBE to this site so you don't miss any Orange Flavor news! As a sweet BONUS here is a 1920 x 1080 version you can use as your phone's wallpaper!

Wow, a free phone wallpaper? You're the best, Micah!

More to come soon, friends!

~ Micah Rockandroll